Carbon Monoxide


Energy Safe Victoria recommends that gas heaters must be serviced, carbon monoxide
tested and checked by a licensed plumber and gas fitter at least every two years.


Carbon Monoxide (CO) is lethal, odourless and has no colour or taste.

It can cause illness or death.



• On average, one Victorian a year dies from carbon monoxide poisoning
and many more suffer chronic debilitating illness?

• Landlords have a responsibility under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to ensure
all gas and electrical appliances are in good repair, safe to use and properly maintained?


Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen for several reasons such as:

 • Lack of servicing of the appliance, where airways may be blocked with dust or lint.

• Flue systems can get blocked by bird nests, possums or rats.

• A malfunction with the appliance.


Detection and testing are crucial in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.
Don't wait for this deadly killer to strike at your home or rental property!!